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What is Social Capital?

There is value in our social networks.  The term social capital speaks to the collective value of social networks and the tendencies that emerge to help one another.  Social capital underscores both warm/positive feelings and the many specific benefits that arise from the reciprocity, trust, cooperation, and information tied to social networks.  The presence of social capital builds value for the connected people, and often for the larger community.  To learn more about social capital, visit Better Together.

Murdoch Social Capital bridges communities and connects people.  Tools deployed include communications, community impact analysis, events, and development/grantwriting.  These tools meet organizations’ specific needs while strengthening social capital.  Clear as mud now?

Simply put, Murdoch Social Capital works with nonprofits, for-profit businesses, municipalities, and individuals.  MSC tackles communications, events, community impact analysis, and development/grantwriting needs in creative, fun, and sustainable fashion, always with an eye toward capturing the value of stronger social capital.  The results are needs met, and social capital strengthened within an organization, between organizations and their supporters, between municipalities and their residents, between organizations, even between previously unconnected members of a much larger community.

This social capital business isn’t rocket science; in fact, here are 150 mostly easy peasey ways you can build social capital.  Try it, you’ll like it.

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