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Kim Murdoch partnered nonprofit Concord La Leche League with local proprietor Lotions 'n Potions for the mutually beneficial (and eagerly anticipated) annual Moms' Summer Serenity Evening (an event now in its 5th year).

Development: From Murdoch Social Capital’s perspective, successful development rests on the shoulders of good relationships, an ability to see potential in any situation, and effective communication.  With strong community ties, outside-the-box thinking, and fire tested communication skills, MSC can leverage this trifecta to benefit your organization financially.

A few examples of Kim’s work in the development field:

  • Successfully raised annual funds to support a local Special Olympics program for more than a decade
  • Co-created the most successful annual fundraiser in Concord La Leche League history: Moms’ Summer Serenity Evening
  • Doubled event registration revenue at the National Subaru Women’s Winter Tour in Waterville Valley
  • Through sponsorships, donations, and raffles, generating substantial funds for the Concord’s Coolest Penguin Plunge Team (to benefit Special Olympics NH)
  • Leveraged area connections to quickly secure sizable silent auction donations to benefit a local family who lost their home to fire

Murdoch Social Capital can help at any or all stages of grant obtainment:

  • Developing a project/clarifying specific need for funding
  • When appropriate, establishing collaborations with other organizations and/or municipal departments
  • Identifying potential grant funding sources
  • Writing your grants
  • Publicizing grant awards and projects
  • Managing post-award grant reporting

Kim Murdoch recently crafted a successful grant proposal that brought together Centennial Center, Concord Police Department, and Concord Housing & Redevelopment Authority to improve safety and increase social capital.The initiative has been exceptionally well received by residents and local law enforcement.

Particularly in challenging economic times, collaborative and strategic approaches to grant obtainment create win-wins where funders maximize resources, and recipients maximize mission accomplishment.

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