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Community Analysis/SCIA

Murdoch Social Capital has worked in a number of situations where constituent relationships were strained, competing needs were complex, and the path forward was unclear.  Luckily, we don’t scare easily.  Community Impact Analysis is a critically important tool to utilize in many scenarios, whether you’re a corporation unrolling signficiant operational changes, or a municipality preparing to divest of a significant city building.

An example of Community Impact Analysis is found in a recent report Murdoch Social Capital prepared for the Re-Thinking Main Street task force: Follow-up Survey of Decision Makers at Downtown Businesses (see pages 21-27).

A Social Capital Impact Assessment (SCIA) is a form of community analysis that specifically examines the impact of a proposal on social capital

Lew Feldstein and Thomas Sander, through their association with Saguaro Seminar, commented:

SCIA can be like a dye that causes social capital, otherwise invisible and unacknowledged in the public debate, to be revealed and made visible. It can remind parties of the importance of social capital, of the likelihood that social capital can be substantially affected by initiatives originally developed to respond to other problems, and can help focus attention on the impact of these initiatives on social capital.

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